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Let's Evolve Together

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Meet Soul Brother Dane

Curator of Conscious Awakening & Evolution

Dane Osorio is a leading healing artist, holistic practitioner and curator of conscious community.  Dane works with and supports men, women and children on their journeys of spiritual awakening, evolving, healing and optimizing their health at a mind, body and soul level.

With a high level of intention, experience, integrity, and resources, Dane creates, curates, holds sacred spaces via unique 1:1 sessions, group classes, ceremonies, workshops, retreats, and programs in Canada and Internationally. He holds and navigates these spaces, for one's self discovery, healing, and transformation. Dane's approach is in 3 main pillars. 1) Preparation. 2) Journeying Deep. 3) Integration. Teaching and guiding with holistic tools and practice are the keys that he uses to help people attain optimal health and wellbeing.

After his first awakening more than 15 years ago, Dane has been actively committed to his own personal growth and healing.  With the guidance of spiritual teachers, shamans, ancestral healers in his lineage, shamanic arts & continuous studies, Dane has learned, processed and integrated many practices in his life to achieve a higher level of connection, wisdom and consciousness. He is aligned, clear and passionate about teaching and guiding others to tap into their own inner healer, inner guru and inner leader.


Co-owner of Vital Ki Wellness, co-founder of Luminus Collective Retreats, and founder of Evolving Brothers Conscious Men's Group.


Dane is a Reiki Master, Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Sound Healing Practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator, Sacred Plant Medicine Facilitator, Men's Work Facilitator, Holistic/Spiritual Life Coach, Guide and Mentor.

Meet Dane


Vision+ Mission

Vision + Mission

Conscious Community,
Holistic Education

You are not alone. Often times, as we shift  into our awakening, growth and expansion, we may feel that we are doing it alone and the people around us cannot relate to our process.  Join Dane at his events, offerings or Holistic Education Courses and learn something new,  find your tribe, connect with open minded, open hearted people and feel supported through your journey. There are more of us like you out there, come connect and  Let's evolve together!

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Sacred Journey/Healing Ceremonies

When we come together in ceremony, we create a sacred space where we can tap into higher levels of healing, awakening, realignment and connection to our spirit. Through the power of intention and ceremonial rituals, we can lift the veil of our false sense of self and remember who we truly are, why we are here, and what our purpose is. Dane holds sacred ceremonies, that honour ancient practices, which may connect to the lunar cycle, seasons, elements, the wisdom of plant medicines, and sound healing instruments. This work is a continuous journey and by working with Dane, he offers support right from the time you say yes to the journey.  There is time to prepare (before a ceremony), to process (during the cereomony and right after), and Integration (days, weeks, even months after the ceremony).

Conscious Men's Circles
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The time is here and now for Men to come together to step up, unite and support each other to  live a more conscious and aligned life! The Conscious Men's Movement is here!

As men, so many of us wear a mask. There is a false sense of masculinity that we have been taught and shown by our father figures, society, the media and pop culture. We think that we must embody these traits and show up a specific way to be a real man. Some of us have been programmed with the idea that we must be macho, the only breadwinner, emotionally detached and always strong.  We think we should never show vulnerability, femininity or weakness.  This false image of masculinity keeps us from understanding and connecting to the essence of who we truly are; a whole human being that includes the duality of divine masculine and divine feminine energy. In order for us to live a more aligned and conscious life,  we must step up and do the inner work. In our gatherings we come together as a brotherhood so we don't find ourselves alone with this deeper inner work. We gather and take off the mask we have been wearing for far too long to deal with issues we are facing in our lives that are keeping us stuck in old beliefs and disconnected to our true and higher self. 


Through Men's Gathering Circles, Online groups, and 1:1 sessions, Dane creates a safe space for men to feel supported in removing the mask, step into their wholeness through their reconnection to their true self. A space to get free and feel more balanced, connected and aligned.

This Movement is growing and Dane is looking for more Conscious Men to unite with to spread this movement to more circles and reach more men around the world! 

Retreats | Life Enhancing Journeys

Dane hosts local and international health & wellness and plant medicine retreats that offer participants an opportunity to experience something new and connect to nature, themselves and a new tribe as they dive deeper into their healing and expansion.


After hosting over a dozen retreats and dozens of plant medicine ceremonies, Dane continues to work with healers, shamans, teachers, medicine men and women to create and hold sacred space for journeying through transformation. Are you hearing the call to dive deeper in a safe and sacred retreat like setting? 

Dane also supports those dreaming of hosting their own retreat. Whether in Collaboration or by being coached by Dane, he provides the tools and insights needed to execute retreats with a high level of strategy, flow and ease.

Plan your dream retreat from Idea to finished successful retreat!



"I have so much gratitude in my heart for life. For this Beautiful journey I took to discover myself, so much healing and connecting with spirits and the medicine. Had to go through the very dark moments, which was worth it to set my soul free. I feel like a whole different person. I feel at peace with myself and feel so much love. I cannot even put it into words. I’ve never felt this before. I am so thankful and grateful and so blessed for this beautiful experience. From the bottom of my heart I am so grateful for having you in my life, for guiding me, you are an angel. Very thankful for having you as teacher, a guide, as a soul brother, a friend and as my angel here in earth. Thank you for helping me to set my soul free. So much love and very blessed."

-Maria, 1:1 Client & Retreat Participant

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