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8 Week Online Group Container

Join Soul Brother Dane for an 8 week journey where he will teach you how to properly prepare, journey deep safely, and integrate efficiently with 

Psychedelic Plant Medicines. Meet a community of like minded soul family so you can walk this path with support of brothers and sisters.


Sacred Plant 
Medicine Ceremony

Your healing and expansion of awareness may be hitting a wall or ceiling. Working with plant medicines may help you to breakthrough and get to the next level of your journey. Consult with Dane if this path is right for you at this point in your life. If so, join Dane in a sacred ceremony where he holds safe space for you to dive deep and come through the other side with an expanded consciousness and more direction moving forward. It is recommended to take the "Walking the Path" 8 week program to gain the best out of a Plant Medicine Ceremony.

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Evolving Brothers
Conscious Men's Group

Calling in the brothers to join the Evolving Brothers Brotherhood of conscious Men. This is a safe space for men to come together to support, share, listen and support one another. We aim to help men heal, and evolve so they can show up better for themselves, their families, their work, society and our planet! Join us for our in person gathering or online.

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Private 1 on 1


Are you ready to go deeper, to learn more tools and practices and to take your life to the next level? Consider working 1on1 with Dane for Deeper Healing, Coaching, Mentoring, Programs, Shadow Work


Holistic Retreats

In the busy world of go go go, one may get to a point of burn out or close too. Sometimes we need to unplug to recharge. Retreats are a great way to do so. Dane creates and collaborates with amazing facilitators to curate incredible healing and recalibrating retreats. 


Youth Programs

Mental health and mindfulness programs for kids. In times of social media distractions, kids these days don't have the tools and practices to truly connect with themselves at a mind, body, emotional and spiritual level. Dane offers workshops for kids to help them learn how to regulate emotions, communicate clearly, calm the nervous system and increase mental focus. Are you a teacher or principal or parent that would like their kids to benefit from above mentioned? Book Dane for your group of kids and give them the gift of expanded awareness that we had to learn later on in life.


Sound Healing, Breathwork, 

Private or Group Journeys with Dane as he creates space for Sound Healing, Guided Meditation and Breathwork. This offering can be combined with micro dose of Sacred Plant Medicine.


Retreat Consult

Create the retreat you've been dreaming about. Are you thinking of creating your own retreat but are not sure of the ins and outs and what it truly takes to pull of a great retreat? Dane offers consulting and coaching so you can host the retreat of your Dreams. Dane has host over 20 retreats in Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Jamaica and has lots of experience and resources to share. Book a call with him today and let's get your retreat seed planted! 

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