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Microdose, Cacao & Breath Ceremony

Friday June 7th, 2024 -  7:30pm - 11:30pm

Psyche-Soma - A Night of Microdose 🍄 Magic, Cacao Bliss, Elemental Rhythm Breathwork, Reiki & SoundBath


Psyche-Soma Meaning:

The term "Psyche-Soma" merges the Greek "Psyche," meaning mind, soul, spirit, or breath. symbolizing, with the Greek "Soma,"  simply means the body or a living body.


In Sanskrit, "Soma" refers to the sacred ritual drink, often associated with the moon and immortality in Vedic traditions. It is symbolic of divine nectar, connecting the physical and spiritual realms.

This Mystic Event is designed to harmonize the psyche and soma, seamlessly blending the ethereal with the earthly. Our sacred space in Vaughan awaits, where the alchemy of Microdose 🍄 Magic, Cacao Bliss, and Elemental Rhythm Breathwork converge to create a night of activation and deep self-exploration.

Embark on a profound journey within on Friday, June 7th, from 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm in Vaughan, as we invite you to Psyche-Soma—an enchanting fusion of Microdose Magic, Cacao Bliss, Elemental Rhythm Breathwork, Energy Healing and a Recalibrating Soundbath

 Microdose Magic:
Step into the subtle realm of mushroom microdosing, where the magic lies in expansion of consciousness. Unveil the potential for enhanced creativity, focus, and a heightened sense of well-being as you explore the mystique of sacred mushrooms in a safe and intentional setting.

 Cacao Bliss:
Indulge your senses in the richness of ceremonial cacao—a heart-opening elixir that has been revered for years. Allow the warm, liquid love of cacao to awaken your heart & spirit, fostering connection and intention for the evening's journey.

 Elemental Rhythm Breathwork:
Immerse yourself in the rhythmic journey of breath, guided by the elemental forces within. Through intentional and transformative breathwork, traverse the landscapes of your inner world, unlocking deeper layers of self-discovery, release, and profound insights


Reiki Infused Recalibration Sound Healing Journey: 

Experience a transformative Reiki Infused Sound Healing Journey, where the ethereal melodies of sound meet the gentle yet potent energy of Reiki. Immerse yourself in a sacred space where vibrational frequencies harmonize with the healing touch of Reiki, guiding you on a journey deep into the realms of the psyche and soma experience. Allow the waves of sound to wash away tensions and blockages, while the gentle flow of Reiki energy restores balance and aligns your mind, body, and spirit. This unique fusion of modalities offers a profound opportunity for inner exploration, healing, and self-discovery.

Secure your place for this magical evening. Limited spots available. 


Exchange: $144

Let the Psyche-Soma journey begin—where the micro, the cacao, and the breath unite to weave a tapestry of transformation and bliss. 

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The New Earth Village Community Love Festival & Artisan Market

Sunday June 23rd & August 18

11:00am - 6:00pm

Calling all conscious families birthing a New Earth, those passionate about thriving in commUNITY! ☀️ Are you looking to connect with kindred souls who embody freedom, self-sovereignty, oneness consciousness + love? Do you believe these times of shift are our greatest blessing? 🌊 Are you a local business who supports inclusivity, unity, respect, and free choice?


✨ Have you been deep diving into healing so you can show up in full presence + gratitude ready to play and advance further on Gaia? 🌎💕


The New Earth Village is hosting an outdoor commUNITY Artisan Market and Love Festival in June to celebrate growing community, connection, and consciousness! 🌊🌸


The intention is twofold:


⭐️ 1. To co-create a unified energy field of love and peace, and embody the statement that we support the New Earth, a reality filled with self-sovereignty, connection, community, and flow. 


⭐️ 2. To support local businesses & craft makers who offer the community heart-spaced products. You’ll have the opportunity to shop locally + support sustainability in the community on sacred land. 🌸💕

Date & Time: Sunday June 23rd &

August 18th,  11am-6pm


Exchange: $70/individual + one vehicle parking; $130/couple + one vehicle; $170/family of four + one vehicle Extra vehicle for both days: $30 parking EARLY BIRD (ONLY FOR THE JUNE FESTIVAL): $40/individual + one vehicle parking; $70/couple + one vehicle; $90/family of four + one vehicle. Extra vehicle: $20 parking. There are a limited number of guest passes and parking available. If you are a couple or family, please travel together in one car. 

 Each person must have a pre-purchased ticket to enter that is paid before event day. Due to the amount of families interested, we are unable to accommodate walk-ins on event day.


We will dance + play by lush forest and crystalline waters, on our sacred hOMeland. 💦☀️ Come with an open mind + heart ready to receive + stream the magical energies, and leave with great connections + heart-spaced creations!

Soul Nurturing Music. Wholesome Food. Village Vibe. Grounding in a space of Abundance. Cacao Ceremony. Storytelling. Family Yoga.

Mindful Movement. Ecstatic Dance. Local Craft Makers.

Reiki. Nature Art Playshops. Tarot.

Community Acupuncture. Soul Family. Evolutionary Connections. Breathing. Resting. Warmth. Love. Connection.

Sacred Land. Forest and Fauna.


To pre-purchase guest tickets, please email


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CONSCIOUS MEN'S CIRCLE (in person event)


Tuesday June 25th

Coming Together in Brotherhood


Evolving Brothers Conscious Men's Circle:  


Are you a man seeking a deeper connection with your fellow brothers, a space to share your challenges and triumphs, and a community of like-minded souls to support your conscious journey? Join us as we gather around a warm and inviting fireside, bringing open minds and open hearts to the forefront.


Event Highlights:


Heartfelt Sharing: Embrace the opportunity to openly discuss the challenges you face and the victories you're celebrating in your life. This is a safe and nurturing space to be heard and understood.


Supportive Brotherhood: Lean into the support of your fellow brothers and offer your support in return. Together through embodiment practices, we'll navigate the path to finding alignment in our roles as modern, conscious men.


Event Details:


Date: Tuesday, June 25th,  2024


Time: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Location: Vaughan, Ontario (Exact location will be shared with confirmed attendees)


By Donation: We operate on a sliding scale of $10 to $25, allowing you to contribute what feels right for you. (no man will be left out due to finances, if you want to join but are tight for cash, just let me know ahead of time).


Email transfer to 


Please confirm your attendance to secure your spot, as space is limited. This is your invitation to join a circle of conscious men, gather around the fire, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and profound connection.


We look forward to sharing this transformative fireside gathering with you as we evolve together on our conscious paths.

We are gathering to hold this open space for a larger gathering for current and new brothers to come together in Brotherhood. We also create more intimate spaces with the intention of diving deer into men’s work with those feeling called. ⁣⁣If this calls to you let us know.



We are Evolving Brothers!



Evolving Brothers-4.png

More Info



Sat. June 1, 10am - 8pm & Sun. June 2, 10am-5pm

On June 1 and 2, an important new community starts to grow in Toronto. And we would very much like you to be a part of it. 


Introducing The Open:Minds Expo (, the world’s FIRST consumer expo for Psychedelic Therapy. 






The Open:Minds Expo has a mission to educate the public with objective, data-backed information about Psychedelic Therapy. 


We seek to bridge the knowledge gap, introducing you to reputable, legal practitioners from Toronto, from Canada, and from around the world!. 


Discussion topics will include:


  • Pathways to legal access

  • The importance of integration

  • Sexual health

  • A live demo of a traditional ayahuasca ceremony

  • What makes for a world-class retreat

  • Discussions around microdosing; and much more! 


From a fantastic group of confirmed Canadian speakers, including:


  • TheraPsil

  • Rebecca Nicholson of 5D World and 

  • Dana Harvey of The Flourish Academy and Gathering Groups

  • Peggy Van de Plassche of The Microdose Diet

  • Jay Katz of the Psychedelic Association of Canada; and many more!

I will be Speaking on Sunday June 2, at 





Book your Call to Reserve for 2025!!



Your Invitation to a Unique and Exclusive Soulful Journey!

Book Your Call Here

Welcome to Embodied Evolution Costa Rica Retreats - A Journey Within Paradise


Discover Your Sanctuary:

Nestled in the beautiful Valley of Lagunas, just 12 minutes from Dominical Beach on the mid-southern Pacific coast, our haven awaits. A place where the lush beauty of Costa Rica cradles you, setting the stage for profound self-discovery, recalibration and transformation.


Why Journey With Us?

Embodied Evolution is not just a retreat; it's an exclusive, personalized experience crafted for those seeking a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them. Our intimate gatherings cater to private 1:1, couples, or small groups/families, ensuring that your journey is uniquely yours.


Embrace Daily Holistic Practices:

From sunrise rituals to sunset meditation sessions, yoga/stretching in nature, to reflective time to journal —every day is an opportunity to reconnect with your inner self and align with the energies of the lush pachamama surroundings.


Time to Just Be:

Our retreats provide sacred moments for stillness and rejuvenation. Amidst the beauty of Costa Rica, find the serenity to rest, reflect, and integrate the transformative experiences unfolding within (without a schedule or agenda). Attending to what you truly need on that day.


Delicious Organic Meals:

Nourish your body and soul with our divine organic meals that are thoughtfully curated to provide sustenance and energy for your journey within.


Shamanic Plant Medicine Ceremonies:


Guided by experienced authentic shamans, our plant medicine ceremonies offer a sacred space for healing and self-discovery. If you're called; Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, Kambo, Bufo, Rapeh, Tobacco, and Cacao—each ceremony is a transformative dance with ancient wisdom. (Please note that these medicines are not mandatory and if you're called to one or a few in particular we will discuss proper screening preparation protocols).

Book Your Call Here

Excursions in Paradise Nature:

Explore the breathtaking landscapes of Costa Rica with excursions to waterfalls, secret beaches, and healing rivers. Connect with the natural wonders that surround La Casa Magica and let the paradise unfold before you.


Embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary. Welcome to Embodied Evolution Costa Rica Retreats—where paradise becomes a canvas for your evolution. 🌟✨


Ready to step into this transformative experience? Book Your Call Here now and unlock the door to your inner sanctuary.

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Cacao & Breath Ceremony

June 13th (3 spots left)

June 27th


Join us for a transformative evening of sacred connection and inner exploration at the Cacao and Breath Ceremony. Soul Brother Dane and Kelsey Marie invite you to embark on a powerful journey with cacao and breath, accompanied by a soundbath meditation and reiki healing.


Whether you're familiar with plant medicines or new to the concept, this unique combination of breath and cacao offers an opportunity to journey to new dimensions within yourself, reminiscent of a psychedelic experience (though cacao itself is not a psychedelic). It also serves as an excellent introduction to plant medicine for those feeling called or curious to explore further. Rest assured, the ceremony will be held in a safe and sacred space, ensuring your comfort throughout.


Breathwork holds a sacred place in this ceremony, as it transcends our everyday rational mindset and provides a gateway to our subconscious and emotional bodies, facilitating the clearing and release of what no longer serves us. This practice is inclusive of all spiritual paths, enabling a profound shift beyond the limitations of the busy mind and the illusion of separation. By addressing negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, breathwork transforms these patterns held within the subconscious and emotional body, liberating them from the cells and tissues of our being.


Cacao ceremonies, on the other hand, focus on opening the heart and rebalancing our energies, promoting holistic well-being from a heart-centered space. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, cacao enhances blood flow to the brain, nurturing awareness and focus. As a potent plant medicine, it aids in detoxification, boosts the immune system, and harmonizes with breathwork to amplify the healing experience.


Cacao's heart-opening properties enable us to listen to our true inner selves, navigate through blockages and past traumas, dissolve suppressed negative emotions, and realign with our authentic essence from a compassionate standpoint.


Combining the sacred practices of cacao and breathwork creates a powerful synergy, allowing you to connect with the divine source within, harmonize the mind and heart, activate the body, transmute emotions, and create lasting transformations.


Please note that space for this ceremony is limited, so be sure to secure your spot promptly.




To register, kindly email Once you receive a reply and payment is received, your spot will be reserved.


Please inform Dane of any health conditions in advance and feel free to request a discovery call if you would like to discuss any specific concerns. Book your call here

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3rd Annual Music, Arts & Wellness Festival
July 5-8, 2024

Sonic Springs is a 4-Day Camping Festival uniting a thousand souls through the power of music, the vibrancy of art, and the serenity of wellness. Our mission is to ignite the potential within each individual; fostering a community-led experience that blossoms into lasting, positive transformation, that extends beyond a weekend into a lifetime.


We are the heart of a vibrant village, pulsating with the magic of connection, creativity, and collective growth. Where every beat, brushstroke, and breath is a step towards self-actualization. Where inspiration flourishes, bonds strengthen, and personal revolutions are realized. Together, we celebrate the art of living, the joy of expression, and the pursuit of a higher vibration.

🌳 50+ Acres of Beautiful Riverfront Land

🎶 30+ Local & International DJs

💃 3 Stages of Multi-Genre Music

🧘‍♀️ 12+ Hours of Yoga & Wellness Workshops

🍄 Freedom in Nature of the Canadian Wilderness

🏕️ 4 Nights of Tent & RV Camping

🌊 Riverside Swimming & Relaxing

🔥 Acoustic Campfire Jam Session

🎨 Artisan Vendor Village

🥗 Delicious Food Available

✨ Live Art & Psychedelic Lighting

👶 Family Friendly: 12 & Under Free!

Use Promo Code: DANE for $20 off your ticket! 


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Kambo Detox
Day Retreat with Mama Angie

Date: TBA
11am - 5pm

Kambo Practitioner Angie Tobon  is offering  a day of cleansing, detoxing and reseting the mind, body and soul.

This is a full day retreat style immerison that will have two Kambo sessions, Shamanic Curas, guided meditation, reiki, sound healing and rest.

Angie and her team hold this safe and sacred space for you to rid toxins, clear emotions and and cleanse all aspects of your being.

To apply for this Day Retreat please email to make sure this is indeed an alignment for you.

Preparation and integration support, Meal included.

Learn more about Kamo HERE

Exchange: $397

Location:Vaughan, Ontario.


Tmrw. Today Dream Camp

Season 4!
August 22-25, 2024


Once again we adventure to the great Canadian Wilderness for a powerful and playful 4-day experience. 


> 3 Night / 4-Day Stay In A Cabin

> Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + Afternoon & Campfire Snack 
Activations Access Pass: > With Lots of workshops, classes, experiences and ceremonies 

Your home in the heart of the Great Canadian Outdoors. 

Tmrw.Tday Dream Camp Experience Activations:
> Transformational Workshops
> Ice Bath Plunge
> Breathwork, Yoga, Kundalini & Meditation
> Plant Medicine & Cacao Ceremony
> Live Music Bonfires, Silent Disco & Beach Party
> Plus So Much More…


Northern Winds (Instagram Post (Square))-3.png

Limited Spots Remain!!!
This is the Call...


Dates & Location: TBD

Waitlist Now Open!

Join us for the Northern Winds Sacred Plant Medicine Retreat!⁣ 


This October, my Luminus Collective team and I invite you to answer the call and step into a sacred space where ancient plant wisdom from the Amazon meets the Northern Winds of Ontario.⁣


Embark on a transformative journey of healing, growth, and evolution with the powerful and profound Grandmother Medicine. We have curated a long weekend retreat that provides ample guidance before, during, and after, ensuring your safety and support.⁣


Retreat Offers:⁣

Pre-Retreat private clarity call to ensure preparation and clarity⁣

Preparation-Meet and Greet Group Zoom Call, fostering connection and setting intentions⁣

3 nights of accommodations, fostering a supportive community atmosphere⁣

Nourishing plant-based meals, including vegan options to honor the sacred Dieta⁣

2 sacred Grandmother medicine healing ceremonies, guiding you on a profound inner journey⁣

Sacred tobacco ceremony, offering deep grounding and purification⁣

1 on 1 check-ins, providing personalized attention and support throughout the retreat⁣

Connecting guided meditations, anchoring and centering your energy⁣

Sound healing, Movement, and Breathwork practices for holistic balance and release⁣

Nature walks on the surrounding land, reconnecting you with the Earth's wisdom⁣

Ample time for rest, journaling, processing, and integrating your experiences⁣

Optional nature hike at a nearby trail with waterfalls on Monday, deepening your connection with nature as you re-emerge and integrate from this powerful retreat⁣

Post Retreat private integration clarity call, ensuring a smooth transition back to life⁣

Post Retreat Integration Group Zoom Call, a supportive community for your integration journey⁣


For more information or to apply for this sacred journey, please book a screening call with your Soul Brother Dane by clicking the link in the bio.⁣



Northern Winds (Instagram Post (Square))-3.png
Cacao & Breath ceremony-40.png

Sacred Plant Medicine 


Friday June 21st, 2024



A sacred ceremony with the cosmic essence of Medicinal Mushrooms (Honguitos). This ceremony is a sacred invitation to embark on a deep inner journey of healing, self-understanding, and the potential for breakthrough experiences. With our comprehensive support before, during, and after the ceremony, you can rest assured that you will be held in a safe and nurturing space. Please note that this is an intimate gathering limited to a maximum of 6 participants.


Sacred Mushrooms, when taken within the context of an intentional ceremony with experienced guides and support, have the power to catalyze profound insights, rewire neuropathways, release heavy energy, and create lasting transformation.


✨ 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗖𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗺𝗼𝗻𝘆 𝗜𝗻𝗰𝗹𝘂𝗱𝗲𝘀: ✨


- Pre-Ceremony Clarity Call: A personalized call to provide guidance and ensure your readiness for the ceremony.

- Ceremony Prep Guidance: Thorough instructions and preparation to create a safe and sacred space.

- Vertical Connection Meditation: Deepen your connection with your inner self and the cosmic energies.

- Magic Honguitos Ceremony: Experience the profound and transformative power of the sacred mushrooms.

- Energy Healing: Receive gentle energy healing to support your journey and facilitate balance.

- Live Music & Sound Healing: Harmonize your body, mind, and spirit with the healing vibrations of live music and shamanic chanting.

- Shamanic Curas (healings): Access ancient healing techniques to release blockages and restore balance.

- Sharing/Integration Circle: Engage in a supportive and nurturing space for sharing and integration.

- After Ceremony Grounding Meal: Enjoy a warm and nourishing meal to ground and nurture yourself.

- Post-Ceremony Integration Call: Receive additional support and guidance to integrate your experiences.

Ceremony will be Led by Mother and Son, Angie Tobon and Dane Osorio


✨ 𝗘𝘅𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗲: $444 ✨


To apply for this sacred ceremony, please book a mandatory discovery call with Dane. During this call, we will assess your readiness and ensure a harmonious fit.




Please note that your spot will be officially reserved once you have completed a discovery call with Dane, we have received your forms, confirmed there are no contraindications, ensured that all preparation requirements are understood and promised to be met, and the energy exchange has been made.


Private Shamanic Healing Session/ Ceremony

Book Your Private 1:1 or Group Session or Ceremony with Dane  

Be seen, heard and held in a safe and sacred space as 3rd Generation Shaman, Dane supports and guides you on a healing journey.


Connect deep to your own energy, your mind, body and soul to unblock and move stagnant heavy energy and emotions up and out. Using various shamanic tools and practices with or without plant medicines you can enter into altered states of consciousness so we can work through the subconscious and clear from the root of whatever does not serve you.

Why Ceremony/Journey?

When we enter with more sacred intentions into the realms of ceremony where we connect deeper with our spirit, our guides, mother earth, the elements and cosmic energy. This gives us access to more parts of oursleves that perhaps we are distracted from subconscioulsy (or consciously) avoiding. Opening ourselves to more powerful healing and expansion of consciousness.

This journey may include; 1:1 deep talk preparation guidance, shamanic cleansing (curas), energy healing, breathwork, sacred plant medicine, guided meditation, sound healing, and integration sharing/guidance.

Please book a Discovery Call with Dane to arrange your private ceremonial session. 

Or Email:

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Salt Cave SoundBath-5.png

Self Love Cacao 
Ceremony & 
Soundbath Meditation
@ Salt Cave Bolton

Friday May 17th, 2023

7:30pm - 9:00pm

About the Event:


Join us for a transformative evening of self-love and inner exploration at the Self Love Cacao Ceremony, Guided Meditation, & Soundbath. Soul Brother Dane, who has recently returned from spending four months immersed in the Costa Rican rainforest, bringing with him the sacred plant medicine Cacao.

Hosted at Salt Cave Bolton


During this ceremony, we will embark on an intentional heart-opening journey, delving deep into the essence of self-love and connection. Cacao, known for its heart-opening properties, will serve as our guide as we explore every aspect of ourselves—the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

By opening our hearts, we invite a powerful flow of love and inspiration into our lives, cleansing our inner vessels and replenishing them with the pure vibration of love. This evening promises to be a beautiful opportunity to nurture and honor the relationship we have with ourselves.

Event Details:


- Date: Friday, May 17th

- Time: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

- Location: Salt Cave Bolton

Investment: $75

Please call (905) 951-7258 to secure your spot (space is limited)


What to Expect:


Cacao Ceremony: We will commence our evening with a sacred Cacao Ceremony. Cacao, known as "the food of the gods," is a powerful heart-opening plant medicine that will help us tap into our heart center, offering a break for the busy mind. (This is not a psychedelic).


Guided Meditation: Immerse yourself in a guided meditation that will connect you deeply with the medicine of Cacao and the energy of love. Release the old, make space for the new, and anchor in the abundance of love as you fill up your cup.


Sound Healing: Experience the transformative power of sound healing as soothing vibrations wash over you, calming the spirit and inviting profound relaxation.


Community Wholesomeness: Connect with like-minded souls in a warm and nurturing space. Share stories, insights, and a sense of togetherness as we support each other's journeys.


Space is Limited!


To reserve your spot for this soul-nourishing experience, please call (905) 951-7258. Space is limited, so be sure to secure your place early. 


I can't wait to share this evening of self-love, renewal, and community wholesomeness with you.


See you at the Salt Cave Bolton!


With love and gratitude,


Soul Brother Dane and the Salt Cave Bolton Team

Copy of Salt Cave SoundBath-2.png

Call to Register


Starting September 2024

Walking the Path is an intentional 8 Week Shamanic Group Coaching Experience that invites you to cultivate a better relationship with all aspects of yourself: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. To commune with nature the natural rhythms and cycles of life and the use of plant medicines in a sacred, safe and effective way. It's an opportunity to connect with your own inner guide and tap into your innate wisdom.

This is an interactive program combining ancient shamanism, yogic wisdom and modern world insights, providing you with a wholistic approach to not only self-discovery but remembering and embracing your truest potential and to access evolutionary embodiment.

Throughout the 8 weeks, we'll explore various aspects of living a more connected and intentional life. Engage in weekly interactive and immersive group coaching calls and discussions, where you'll receive guidance, support, and deep exploration of key themes. These transformative calls will empower you to unlock your true potential, integrate tangible tools and practices and align with your higher self. In a grounded and effective way. 


I have even included several tiers that gives you the opportunity to work closer with me via private one to one sessions throughout the 8 week journey. Perhaps you want to do take this journey on your own and at your own pace? There's a tier for that too!

IMG_9391 2_edited_edited.jpg

More Info

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of

Vital Ki 100hr MTT
In Class Meditation Teacher Training


Vital Ki 100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training (MTT) is a certified and registered teacher training program with in class, online and self study practice, offering an informative and fresh approach to meditation. ⁣

An Expansive 3 Month Journey into the Profound Ancient Practice of Meditation!⁣

Our program is designed for those who want to learn and connect deeper with their meditation practice authentically, effectively and who may one day be inspired to share this amazing practice with others.⁣

Throughout this Program, You’ll Discover...⁣

✨History of Meditation⁣
✨Ancient Philosophies ⁣
✨Science of Meditation⁣
✨Impact on the Brain⁣
✨Meditation Techniques & Styles⁣
✨How to use Breathing

✨Practices for Meditation⁣
✨How to access the higher states of Consciousness⁣
✨Self awareness tools and practices using Meditation⁣
✨Meditation for personal development and self healing⁣
✨How to enhance and up level your personal practice⁣
✨How to use your voice to guide meditations ⁣
✨Teaching fundamentals ⁣
✨Creating and Leading personal or group meditations⁣
✨How to share and market your Meditation Classes⁣

And more...⁣

✨Phase One: Sept. 25 & 26 - 10:00am to 5:00pm⁣
✨Phase Two: Oct. 16 & 17 - 10:00am to 5:00pm⁣
✨Phase Three: Nov. 20 & 21 - 10:00am to 5:00pm⁣

We welcome back in person learning! ⁣

Join us at our Holistic Healing & Learning Studio in Vaughan, Ontario.⁣

Program taught by Angie Tobon and Dane Osorio

(Online version of this MTT also available).⁣

See link in bio for more info.⁣

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of

More Info

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