May 27- May 30, 2022

Only 4 spots left!

Sacred Souls Reteat
Belgrave, Ontario

We inhabit a busy world where we quickly become OVERWHELMED in the body, heart + mind.

FATIGUE + BURNOUT creeps in when we are not in tune with our life force energy.

When we live DAY TO DAY expending more energy than acquiring it, we move into DEPLETION. ​

JOIN US for this weekend retreat that will give you the time, space, tools and practices to BREATHE DEEPER into your body, 

SURRENDER more fully into joy,


Daily practices, workshops, time in nature and a special sacred plant ceremony. All food and accommodations included as well!







Friday March 18, 2022, 


Tmrw. Today Winter Dream Activation Event 
Workshop &
Ecstatic Dance


About this event

Tmrw.Tday is excited to announce our 2nd part of a 3 Winter Dream Series. Powerful & Playful Community Gatherings to keep you toasty this winter!

Celebrating winter's end and the Spring Equinox. Gather with the Tmrw.Tday Community as we dance on a Full Moon night as one.
Equinox Dreams
FRI MAR 18 | 6:30pm - 12am

Event Flow:
Doors Open: 6pm

Opening Ceremony + Activation: 7pm
(Matty Ryce & Audra Santa)

Workshop Activation: 7:30pm
(Activator TBA)

Ecstatic Dance Vibes: 8:30pm - 11pm
(Ocean & Sass)

Closing Circle & Meditation: 11pm
(Activator TBA)

Ticket Pricing:
> $44 Until February 27 (Or First 50 Sold)
$55 Week Of | $60 At Door

Important Event Info:
> Refunds will be given if the event is cancelled only.
No Refunds if the event is a go.
> Parking Available In and Around The Venue.
Please try and carpool.
> We encourage you to express yourself through costume and face paint.
> Light Snacks will be served.
Bring your own snacks and drinks.
> No Alcohol Permitted.


Important Event Info:

> Workshop Begins at 7:00pm Sharp. Please arrive on time.

> Ecstatic Dance Begins at 8:00pm

> Parking Available In and Around The Venue. Please try and carpool. 

> We encourage you to express yourself through costume and face paint. Think Burning Man.

> Snacks & Beverages Available For Sale 

> Vendor Stations With Items For Sale

> Bring A Water Bottle To Stay Hydrated

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Coming Spring 2022

Kambo Detox
Day Retreat  

Your Soul Brother Dane hosts Kambo Practitioner Vedanta for a day of cleansing, detoxing and reseting the mind, body and soul.

This is a full day retreat style immerison that will have two Kambo sessions, breathwork, guided meditation, reiki, sound healing and rest.

Dane and Angie host Vedanta and hold this safe and sacred space for you to rid toxins, clear emotions and and cleanse all aspects of your being.

To apply for this Day Retreat please email Dane to set up a discovery call to make sure this is indeed an alignment for you.

Preparation and integration support, Meal included.

Exchange: $333

Location: Vital Ki Healing Studio, Vaughan, Ontario.

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JANUARY 18-28 2023

Ayahuasca Retreat in 
Costa Rica

This is the call to join us for a  10 soul-expanding days and nights in the Diamante Valley of Costa Rica. This is our 5th EXPANSION Retreat which has been an incredible, magical and heart opening experience and we can't wait to see how this year will evolve and expand.  

We will be staying at the beautiful Florestral Retreat Centre, where our team will work with medicine facilitators, Vismay and Nicole.


On this land, they grow the vines, harvest the leaves, make the medicine and facilitate ceremonies. It is a space dedicated to the expansion of the soul and spirit through the connection with grandmother Ayahuasca.

We have an incredible Retreat planned with integrated excursions to some of the most beautiful sites of the world.

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • 2 Sacred Medicine Ceremonies

  • 1 Sweat Lodge Ceremony with San Pedro

  • Babaji Fire Temple Services

  • Music circles

  • Holistic Workshops

  • Breathwork

  • Sound Healing Meditations

  • Sun Gazing

  • Excursions

  • Conscious Talks

  • Land Tour

  • Sacred Fire Ceremony

  • Art Therapy

  • Waterfall hikes

  • Private healing sessions available (extra)

Email for more info and to Register!

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Starting Again in Spring 2022


Unwind & Align

Join your Soul Brother Dane for a night to unwind any heaviness, stress, anxiousness, and negative energies so you can align with positive energies and your elevated higher self.

Movement- Unwind with a free flow of shaking, dancing, stretching. Shake off the heaviness and stress, dance to the rhythm of your heart, let your body open and be free.

Guided Meditation - Connect with source, your higher self and enjoy the gift of stillness. Tune into your inner wisdom, open your channels to receive divine guidance. Free yourself from any blockages and align yourself with the vibration of what does serve you and what you truly want to manifest.


SoundBath - Enjoy the sacred frequencies of the crystal quartz singing bowls, rainsticks, drums, and other sacred insturments that Dane intuitively uses. Surrneder, be bathed and massaged with sound. This will help to push out any energetic blockages and residule heaviness out of your system. Benefits can include, removal of anxieties, deep calmness, a sense of lightness, relief of tension in the body, moving of stuck emotions, improved sleep and over all tranquility.


Classes are $33 and spots are reserved ahead of time with etransfer to soulbrotherdane@gmail.com

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Spring 2022

Vital Ki Reiki Level 1 & 2 Ceritfication Training

Reiki level 1 and 2 certification under Vital Ki Institute of Holistic Education. Taught by Reiki Master Teacher Angie Tobon.


(Shoden Or Attunement & First Teachings)
Date TBA 10am To 5pm
Subject code: VK-REI-001


This First-Degree Reiki course focuses primarily on physical and self healing.
Learn the history of Reiki, the energy system and the nature of Reiki energy, learn to treat yourself and others through opening the Reiki channel and learning to practice the techniques.

The student receives reiju (aka denju, or attunement) where he/she is initiated to the Reiki energy and taught basic for administering Reiki on the self and others. In Japan, this level is called Shoden.


Second Degree (Okuden – Inner Teachings) 
Date TBA  10am To 5pm
Subject code: VK-REI-002 

The Second -Degree Reiki course activates 3 sacred symbols which tap into a more concentrated Energy force, emotional healing and long distance healing. Learn more about how to give treatments to others and tools, tips and practices to protect and ground your energy.

The student receives a second reiju (aka denju, or attunement) where he/she is attuned to access more Reiki energy for administering Reiki on the self and others. 



Vaughan, Ontario at our private healing studio in the town of Maple. Exact address will be shared when registration is complete.



Please e-transfer to info@vitalk.com

Evolving Brothers-2.png

Monday March 7th, 2022 



Online, Via Zoom

Coming Together in Brotherhood


Bless up Brother!  


We are gathering on Monday March 7th for our first Open Conscious Men’s Circle of 2022. We are Looking forward to seeing the brotherhood come together to share and hold space for one another as we check back in and explore more depths within ourselves amongst our fellow brothers.


Date, Time & Location

Mon. March 7, 2022,

Online, Zoom


What to Bring for the call


A journal and an open mind.


We hold this space to gather, connect, and support each other. We will be incorporating meditation, breathwork conscious discussion, sharing, and a breakout activity. After which we will commune for final shares and a few connected breaths.⁣


By Donation: $10-$20, Email transfer to brothersevolving@gmail.com 


(no man will be left out due to finances, if you want to join but are tight for cash, just let me know ahead of time).


We will be gathering once a month to hold this open space for a larger gathering for current and new brothers to come together in Brotherhood. We also create more intimate spaces with the intention of diving deer into men’s work with those feeling called. ⁣⁣If this calls to you let us know.


Let us know if you have any questions.⁣⁣ 



We are Evolving Brothers!



Evolving Brothers.png
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Starting Again in Spring 2022

Elemental Rhythm 
Breathwork Ceremony


Dane guides you in this powerful journey, deep through our breath to unblock stagnant energy and heavniess in your body, mind and soul. Using the Elemental Rythmn Breathwork Method we can enter into altered states of consciousness so we can work through the subconscious and clear from the root of whatever does not serve you.

Why Ceremony/Journey?

When we enter with more sacred intentions into the realms of ceremony where we connect deeper with our spirit, our guides, mother earth, the elements and cosmic energy. This gives us access to more parts of oursleves that perhaps we are distracted from subconscioulsy (or consciously) avoiding. Opening ourselves to more powerful healing and expansion of consciousness.

This journey includes; opening talk, cleansing, movement, breathwork, guided meditation, sound healing and sharing circle with some tea.

The exchange is $44 and spots are reserved ahead of time with etransfer to Soulbrotherdane@gmail.com

Email your Soul Brother Dane if you have any questions.

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Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of


Vital Ki 100hr MTT
In Class Meditation Teacher Training

Vital Ki 100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training (MTT) is a certified and registered teacher training program with in class, online and self study practice, offering an informative and fresh approach to meditation. ⁣

An Expansive 3 Month Journey into the Profound Ancient Practice of Meditation!⁣

Our program is designed for those who want to learn and connect deeper with their meditation practice authentically, effectively and who may one day be inspired to share this amazing practice with others.⁣

Throughout this Program, You’ll Discover...⁣

✨History of Meditation⁣
✨Ancient Philosophies ⁣
✨Science of Meditation⁣
✨Impact on the Brain⁣
✨Meditation Techniques & Styles⁣
✨How to use Breathing

✨Practices for Meditation⁣
✨How to access the higher states of Consciousness⁣
✨Self awareness tools and practices using Meditation⁣
✨Meditation for personal development and self healing⁣
✨How to enhance and up level your personal practice⁣
✨How to use your voice to guide meditations ⁣
✨Teaching fundamentals ⁣
✨Creating and Leading personal or group meditations⁣
✨How to share and market your Meditation Classes⁣

And more...⁣

✨Phase One: Sept. 25 & 26 - 10:00am to 5:00pm⁣
✨Phase Two: Oct. 16 & 17 - 10:00am to 5:00pm⁣
✨Phase Three: Nov. 20 & 21 - 10:00am to 5:00pm⁣

We welcome back in person learning! ⁣

Join us at our Holistic Healing & Learning Studio in Vaughan, Ontario.⁣

Program taught by Angie Tobon and Dane Osorio

(Online version of this MTT also available).⁣

See link in bio for more info.⁣

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of

Coming Spring 2022

Full Moon Honguitos Ceremony

Sacred Healing Ceremony


The Beaver Full Moon on November 19 will rise at 5 p.m. ⁣

It will be accompanied with a partial 97% lunar eclipse in the sign of Taurus.⁣

This Taurus energy values honesty and has us seeking the truth, shaking up our sense of stability and questioning the integrity of authorities, institutions and the entire system.⁣

It will be a time to reclaim some serious power, which will have to take place internally first in order to find strength in the coming shifts that we will be facing.⁣

This lunar eclipse will be the last of the year and the longest eclipse of the century, lasting around 3hrs and 28 minutes. ⁣


A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth aligns straight between the Sun and the Moon, obscuring the Sun’s light from the moon and flooding it in darkness.⁣

A partial lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth doesn’t align straight between the Sun and the Moon, and only partially shadows the moon. ⁣

A lunar eclipse can only occur during a Full Moon, but they are much less frequent than solar eclipses. ⁣


In November, the Full Moon is known as the Beaver Moon or the Frost Moon. ⁣

It’s called the Beaver Moon because it’s the same time when beavers were captured for their fur for the chilly, winter season.⁣

November’s Full Moon is also known as the Frosty Moon because it falls close to when the temperatures starts to drop.⁣


While in ceremony under the influence of the Full Moon, we will also be working in ceremony with the cosmic essence of the Magic Honguitos (Mushrooms) to gain balance, understanding, and clarity from the outside world, while supporting and acknowledging the world from within.⁣



·      Ceremony Prep Guidance⁣

·      Vertical Connection Meditation⁣

·      Magic Honguitos (Mushroom)       Ceremony⁣

·      Full Moon Ceremony⁣

·      Reiki⁣

·      Sound Healing⁣

·      Shamanic Curas (healings)⁣

·      Sharing/Integration Circle⁣

·      After Ceremony light snacks and tea⁣




Please send in your energy exchange via e-transfer to Info@vitalki.com

If this aligns with you and your schedule, then please fill out the form (attached to this email) and send it back to us asap.⁣

A discovery call will be arranged if this is the first time attending our ceremonies.⁣


Please note that your spot is only officially reserved when we receive your forms, everything complies with the preparation for the ceremony and the energy exchange is made.⁣

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