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1 on 1 Deep Dive with

Soul Brother Dane


1 on 1 Immersive with

Soul Brother Dane

Healing, Coaching, and Mentorship

A 3-6 month awakening journey for a Soul Brother or Soul Sister who is ready to work on themselves on a deeper level. To clear blockages, heal pain, and release whatever is holding you back. Are you ready to do the work to elevate to optimal health (mind, body & soul) and create a fulfilling and abundant life? Each person I work with will receive a customized program to meet and serve you exactly where you're at in your life and consciousness.  The program is for someone who is ready to do the inner work, face their shadows, tap into their inner healer, inner guru, expand their awareness, and tap into higher states of consciousness. Open to integrate their evolved self and thrive like they never have before. IT'S TIME! 


1 x 90 minute Assessment Session, Intention & Attunement Ceremony

To begin our transformational journey together we begin by co-creating an authentic, genuine, sacred and safe container. Here we we get real, raw and set intentions. I will assess you and our divine connection. In ceremony I will attune you to the energies that are of source, love and light, anchoring in a deep connection so that you can go to the darkest parts of yourself to transmute and transcend. This sacred container and connection will open us up to the infinite potentiality that is available for your transformation. (Value Priceless)    

8 x 60 minute 1:1 Sessions (Online via Zoom or In person)

Powerful sessions where I will guide and support you through this deep immersion. I create and hold space for you to heal pain, release suffering, process your healing, let go of repressed emotions and integrate. Learn effective tools and techniques to unlock next levels of your inner healer, inner shaman, wisdom and intuition, gain a wider perspective on yourself, your life and your path. I will intuitively use different holistic practices, shamanic tools, ceremonies and teachings to serve you where you're at on your journey. This will help you to identify where you have blindspots, blockages that may be draining your energy. We will work through and get you to where you want to be so you can curate and sustain a whole, fulfilling & abundant life. 

(Value $2,500)

2 x 60 minute, Sound Healing Reiki Sessions

or 1 Plant Medicine Ceremony:

As a Shamanic Healing Artist and Reiki Master, I hold space and guide energy healing sessions to help you bring your energy centres into harmony. Connecting you to your Chakras and infusing sound healing to help you clear your channels, balance, heal, and raise your vibration. Or we can discuss the possibility to journey with a plant medicine that is calling to you. I will create a safe container and space held for you before, during, and after your journey. (Value $600)

7 x 10 minute Guided Meditations:

Enjoy from the comfort of your home. Each guided meditation will be focused on a specific chakra (energy center), tailoring the sounds and guidance in order to heighten the level of awareness, connection and healing. A great way to continue the work between sessions and create more impact along your transformational journey. (Value $700)

 7 Chakras - Anatomy of the Spirit:

A chakra package for each chakra that includes a quick and easy information reference sheet, reflection questions, affirmations and holistic tools and practices for you to follow and continue your chakra work between sessions and on your own. Utilize a series of steps, tools and practices to integrate into your daily routine that will help you to become more connected to, and familiar with the energy of each chakra. These will help you to maintain a higher level of vibration and connection to your higher self. (Value $1497)

Weekly Accountability Emails & Support System:

Stay on track and keep the momentum going, be held accountable with either daily or weekly check ins. I am here to support you fully on this journey and am available Monday - Friday via email, iMessage or WhatsApp.

I'm in your corner during this whole journey. Check in with me when you need to express, proccess, vent or celebrate. We are in this together. (Value $1,497) 




$5,555 ALL IN

(SAVE $2,589)

Payment Plan:
2 Payments of $2900

I am here to take a stand for you, journey all in with you, and commit fully to my part to ensure you have every oppourtunity to reach your goals, expand your consciousness, & truly transform your life. I want you to know that I believe in you.


Are you ready to take a stand for yourself, journey all in, commit to and to use this oppourtunity as the catalyst for your transformation?

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Real Transformations

“I have so much gratitude in my heart for life. For this Beautiful journey I took to discover myself, so much healing and connecting with spirits and the medicine. Had to go through the very dark moments, which was worth it to set my soul free. I feel like a whole different person. I feel at peace with myself and feel so much love. I cannot even put it into words. I’ve never felt this before. I am so thankful and grateful and so blessed for this beautiful experience. From the bottom of my heart I am so grateful for having you in my life, for guiding me, you are an angel. Very thankful for having you as teacher, a guide, as a soul brother, a friend and as my angel here in earth. Thank you for helping me to set my soul free. So much love and very blessed” 


— Maria F, 1 on 1 Client

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